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New lighting class: Trostberg ice stadium shines with modern LED floodlight from SITECO

Since the start of the 2016/17 winter season, Trostberg ice rink has been bathed in a particularly bright high-quality light courtesy of a new LED floodlighting system from SITECO – a big hit with ice skaters, ice hockey players and fans of Trostberg Chiefs alike. The interest among visitors to the open-air arena speaks for itself. 4,000 aficionados took to the ice in the first month of the season alone – 1,500 more than the same month the year before. Higher visitor numbers and admission income were not the only reason for the operator, the Trostberg public utility company, to be happy however. Thanks to the highly efficient and virtually maintenance-free SITECO LED solution, approximately 2,000 euros can be saved in running costs each season.

Two modern Floodlight 20 Maxi LED floodlights from SITECO were installed on each of the five masts at Trostberg ice rink. Head of the Trostberg public utility company Stefan Bratzdrum is pleased with the unmistakable improvement in the lighting. “The whole atmosphere is now a lot friendlier and more inviting, and the ice is much more brightly and uniformly lit. What’s more, the LED spotlights produce a much more focused downward light, which means that there’s less scattered light in the surroundings. Hopefully residents in the adjacent apartment blocks will now no longer be blinded.”

One reason for investing in modern LED lighting was the susceptibility of the old floodlighting system to faults. The main objective, however, was to find a lighting solution that was sustainable, much more efficient and more powerful. Stefan Bratzdrum pointed out the long-term savings: “On the one hand, virtually no maintenance is required in LED lighting, and on the other hand power consumption is reduced by around 80 percent which translates into savings of about 2,000 euros each season.”

Innovative SITECO LED floodlights for first-class sports lighting

The Maxi version of the Floodlight 20 is ideal for lighting large areas and has been designed for installation starting at 14 meters. At a connected load of only 875 W, this innovative LED luminaire achieves an extremely high luminous flux of 100,000 lumen. The lens optics provides precise directional light, minimal glare and excellent efficiency. And at 400 kg per square meter, the SITECO LED floodlights can carry a particularly high snow load – which is extremely important for use in winter. The modular design of the Floodlight LED family of luminaires – a housing with electronic control gear, ESD protected LED module and fastening element – makes them easy to install and maintain, and allows modules to be upgraded at any time. The Floodlight 20 even offers flickerfree lighting, perfect for TV broadcasts in HDTV and super slow motion.