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A real beauty – SITECO LED lighting enhances the unique architecture of the headquarters of Omnicos

In September 2017 the new headquarters of Omnicos, the cosmetics company, was opened in the Italian municipality of Bagnolo Cremasco. The building has a total area of 8,700 square meters and accommodates the administration, R&D and production departments. Star architect Beppe Riboli was responsible for the architecture and lighting design. In realizing his lighting concept, he put his trust in SITECO as a full solution provider. The outdoor areas and the headquarters building were equipped with SITECO.

The new headquarters of the Omnicos cosmetics company was completed in only eleven months. The complex consists of three buildings. The main building is the headquarters with offices and areas for receiving customers. The other two buildings are the "Diamond" laboratory, connected to the headquarters by a pedestrian tunnel, and the production building. A large outdoor area completes the complex with easy parking for customers and employees, as well as service areas. The building is truly state of the art, not just architecturally but also with regard to its technical systems – for example in terms of climate neutrality. Omnicos placed great emphasis on efficiency and sustainability for the energy supply and also for the lighting concept. The bright and generously proportioned headquarters has a geothermal system and a photovoltaic system and is equipped with LED lighting throughout. The architecture and the lighting have been designed to ensure that the 140 people who work there feel completely comfortable in their surroundings. The result is a futuristic complex which radiates an atmosphere of lightness thanks, among other things, to a unique swarm of 7,700 butterflies that adorn the main building. The customer, Omnicos, has itself called the result a masterpiece.

Aesthetic, minimalist and functional: outdoor LED lighting

The entire outdoor area is lit by LED systems. A vertical cutoff system marks the south facade of the production building into which Linear Light Flex Short Pitch LED strips were inserted to create an unusual lighting effect. In the employee parking lot and in the access roads Streetlight 20 micro fixtures with their lens system provide safe driving conditions, while in the service areas Compact Monsun and FL20 provide the right lighting levels for outdoor work areas. The customer parking lot is covered by huge canopies below which FL20 micro fixtures provide pleasant glare-free illumination. CL Bollard 60 fixtures are used to mark the access paths. The main façade of the Diamond laboratory is unlit to emphasize the interior. Only the rear and the perimeter sides of the Diamond laboratory are lit by Aqualed2 floor recessed fixtures for outdoor applications.

In harmony with the architecture: indoor LED lighting

It was important that the lighting design did not distract from the architecture, Instead it had to harmonize with it in a subtle and restrained manner. For this reason all the luminaires were recessed in the ceilings. Because the building was to be used by a cosmetics company the IP ratings had to be high. The Lunis round downlight is used for the entire perimeter area and in meeting rooms. This fixture provides flexible and comfortable illumination thanks to their different beams and darklight reflectors. The conference rooms, laboratories and offices are equipped with linear fixtures that comply with regulations for indoor workplaces. They are positioned above the desks and work benches, with Lunis 2 in all the walkways near the desks. Powerful and simple wide-beam Compact Downlights are used for the foyer, the restaurant area and the main passage areas. The tunnel that links the office building with the laboratory and production facilities is lit with the linear modular LUMILUX COMBI LED system. On the ground floor there is an internal courtyard with a mighty olive tree that is displayed in all its magnificence by three CL LED spotlights. All the LED modules are controlled and dimmed by means of DALI electronic control gear. The outstanding lighting technology, excellent quality of light and attractive design combine to give the employees at Omnicos optimum visual comfort and a pleasant working atmosphere.