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SITECO Floodlight 20 LED luminaires stage railway bridge in Maribor

Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia with around 110,000 inhabitants, was named Alpine Town of the Year in 2000 and European Capital of Culture in 2012. Among the special attractions of the city is the historic railway bridge spanning the Drava River, the steel structure of which is painted in bright blue. Since 2017, 20 SITECO FL20 LED luminaires from SITECO have highlighted the bridge in a very simple but particularly effective and striking way.

10 SITECO FL20 LED spotlights in a neutral white light color were installed on each side of the railway bridge in Maribor: two on each of the two outer pillars near the riverbank and three on each of the two central pillars. The powerful LED floodlights now also perfectly bring out the bright blue color of the bridge and the artistic historical steel structure at night. The whole bridge and the blue accent lighting are reflected on the surface of the Drava, creating a spectacle for residents and visitors.

Very easy installation and very high luminous efficacy: SITECO Floodlight 20 mini LED luminaires

The client, Slovenian Railways, had a very clear idea about the effect to be created with the new bridge lighting, and wanted, above all, a modern sustainable lighting solution – efficient and energy-saving, powerful and durable, low-maintenance and easy to maintain. Precisely calculated and matched to the individual dimensions, shape and color of the bridge, architectural lighting experts SITECO specified a total of 20 high-power, efficient Siteco Floodlight mini 20 LEDs in a color temperature of 4000 K – with an output of 56 W and a luminous flux of 6630 lm. Another cost-saving benefit for the customer is that the SITECO FL20 LED luminaires are so user-friendly and easy to handle that assembly and installation can be carried out by the railway company’s own staff.