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Because every detail counts when it comes to sporting excellence.

Sportsmen, referees, spectators - when it comes to sports, everyone depends on ideal visibility conditions. SITECO supplies the right lighting solutions - for sports fields and sports halls, from football fields to World Cup arenas. Everything in LED. Discover sports lighting from SITECO. Light for decisive moments.

Sports fields and open stadiums

No matter whether it's amateur game or Champions League, outdoor sports field lighting must always deliver performance: High lumen packages, long system service lives and robust construction methods for outdoor use.

Today even LED-based floodlights can easily illuminate the very large playing fields according to all the requirements of standards and sports associations. Because these LED solutions are many times more economical at the same time, it is worthwhile even for smaller clubs to renovate their smaller and medium-sized sports fields: less power consumption, no lamp replacement, immediate luminous flux of 100 percent - or in other words: 3:0 for LED.

Similar to street lighting, both glare control and the prevention of stray light play an important role in sports fields and stadiums. Here, SITECO uses a special reflector technology to direct light in a targeted manner, avoiding precisely these undesirable effects. 

By the way: thanks to high vertical and horizontal illuminance levels, SITECO's LED floodlight solutions ensure good visibility of details such as faces. Together with flicker-free light, they offer the best conditions for optimum TV pictures and super slow motion in HD quality.

Racing sports

Light athletics, cycling, motor sports. For visibility and safety on race tracks, SITECO supplies powerful headlamps that show even the smallest details - with high horizontal and vertical illuminance levels, optimised glare-free light distributions and flicker-free lighting technology.

When lighting sports facilities, a rule of thumb applies: the smaller the sports equipment or the faster the sequences, the more light is needed. Nevertheless, the different types of racing sport place completely different demands on the respective lighting. With various floodlights with different light distributions and many years of experience in the illumination of race tracks, SITECO develops tailor-made solutions for each individual case - free of annoying glare effects for athletes, drivers and spectators. 

SITECO's flicker-free LED solutions also provide the basis here for ideal HD-quality television pictures with super slow motion free of pulsating brightness fluctuations. This makes racing of all kinds a completely different experience for viewers on screen. This is how SITECO shapes the decisive moments of sport.

sports halls

Training and tournaments for different sports take place in gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls, as well as events and concerts. In other words: many different standards to consider, always different, but high demands.

In these cases, the lighting concept must ensure uniform illumination of the playing field with up to 750 lux; at the same time, athletes and players must not be dazzled either directly or by reflections, especially in sports with an overhead view. In addition to this, the number of lighting requirements for cultural and other events is drastically increasing.

SITECO offers particularly flexible solutions for such cases with a multitude of configuration options: Efficient with regard to the environment and the expenses of the hall operators. Ball-proof and glare-free for best performance among athletes. Programmable and controllable for evening events, musical performances or balls through problem-free integration into standardised control systems from the event sector such as DMX. 

SITECO also offers flicker-free solutions for sports halls, allowing TV broadcasts with HD-quality images and pin-sharp super slow motion. 

Winter sports

The lighting of winter sports facilities is in a class of its own. Here, lighting not only has to perform at its best in order to reliably withstand cold, wet conditions and snow loads. Ice and snow also mean a completely different reflection behaviour than in other sports. Glare and shadows can have a negative effect on reaction behaviour or the visibility of obstacles, especially in racing sports.

Dazzle and shadow-free vision is therefore a must when fractions of a second are decisive, athletes are on the move at high speeds on the mountain or in the bobsleigh channel, and on top of that TV viewers want to be close at hand.

Ski jumping also requires a very high lighting level so that jumpers can assess and hit the take-off point well, as well as for the flight and landing. Upward beam floodlights provide the necessary luminous intensity for the flight phase, while other floodlights provide sufficient basic brightness on and at the facility without dazzling athletes.

SITECO only provides solutions with protection class IP65 or higher for these applications under adverse conditions.

Swimming pools

Water reflects - and that makes swimming pool lighting a real challenge. Lighting designers need to come up with a solution that gives swimmers glare-free, uniform light and at the same time guarantees good visibility even of small details for referees and spectators with vertical illuminance.

In many cases, large window areas are an additional difficulty for planning. Depending on the time of day and the incidence of light, these areas can either reflect or cause additional glare due to sunlight. Energetically seen the incidence of light is however rather an advantage, since artificial light must be regulated only according to need and is not always required in its entirety.

With many years of know-how and predominantly indirect lighting, SITECO has succeeded in achieving this balancing act of uniform glare-free light for the swimmers and good visibility of the action for the audience. Ideally, the luminaires for indirect lighting are mounted directly above the pool edges. Steep angles of incidence towards the water surface minimise the risk of glare in the best possible way.

In swimming pools that are also used by recreational swimmers, it is not only pool lighting that counts. Design aspects also play a role here. Accent lighting, dynamic lighting sequences and the illumination of design elements turn leisure pools into adventure and wellness landscapes with activating or relaxing lighting scenes. 

Highbay luminaires

NJ 700
LS 160 LED

Application examples

Interior lighting Big Rock Climbing Wall, UK

Indoor swimming pool in Holmen, Norway

Skatepark Karlsruhe, Germany