Well protected. Well saved.

Community Reutlingen, Germany

Energy efficiency and environmental protection ideally combined.


Where a solution with solar luminaires proved unreliable, SITECO now scores. In Reutlingen - always innovative when it comes to environmental and energy issues - a cycle path in the countryside was equipped with networked luminaires - light only as needed and then with particularly insect-friendly light color.


  • Lighting on demand for a cycle path across meadow & field
  • Use of the cycle path primarily by schoolchildren
  • Lighting when movement is detected in the morning and evening hours
  • Maximum savings through complete switch-off at night
  • Particularly insect-friendly light color with lowest possible attraction effect (2,000 K)
  • All settings can be adjusted individually on site at any time






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Community Reutlingen, Fairnetz GmbH, Germany Reutlingen, Germany SL 11 luminaires, SITECO Connect 21 incl. wireless motion sensors 2021   SITECO