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Individual complete equipment: Autohaus Erlenhoff presents its range with SITECO LED luminaires in a particularly modern and attractive light.

Autohaus Erlenhoff is a mid-sized car dealership located in the towns of Neu-Anspach and Usingen in Hesse, Germany, around 30 km north-west of Frankfurt am Main. To present the extensive selection of used and new cars and utility vehicles under the Volkswagen brand at the Neu-Anspach headquarters in appropriately up-to-date and especially attractive light, the owners took the decision for high-performance and highly efficient LED lighting solutions from SITECO.

Lighting in the modern sales building at Autohaus Erlenhoff needed to comply with a variety of requirements in three areas under a single roof. In the entrance area and workstations of employees pleasant, discreet light should provide a friendly welcome to customers, create a pleasant atmosphere and also enable convincing consultation and negotiations. Particular emphasis was placed on perfect lighting in the exhibition area – because the positions of the vehicles often change and the space has no fixed display elements, extremely uniform, glare-free illumination without shadow areas was specified. The experts from SITECO specified ideal solutions in each case selected from the wide portfolio of efficient and high-performance SITECO LED luminaires – the surface-mounted luminaire Europlex LED for the entrance zone, the office luminaire ARKTIKA-P LED for the workstations, and the Compact High Bay LED highbay luminaire with prismatic reflector for the exhibition space..

SITECO LED luminaires combine attractive design with efficient performance and high lighting quality

Compact High Bay LED is a robust and simply-mounted LED highbay luminaire with a high quality diecast aluminium housing and PC cover for a wide range of lighting tasks. Convincing quality of light and suitable light distribution ideally showcase each exhibit while simultaneously achieving a uniformly illuminated target plane. Thanks to high system efficiency and a long service life the luminaire is a genuine replacement for conventional lighting installations with HIE/HIT or HSE/HST lamps. The housing rounded upwards impedes soiling and the collection of dust, in turn significantly reducing maintenance effort.

or office lighting, ARKTIKA-P LED was specified as a real eye-catcher with a construction height of just eight millimetres. With its purist, modern look the pendant design luminaire blends ideally into its surroundings without disrupting the generally open and transparent effect of the space. ARKTIKA-P LED is the flattest luminaire in the market complying with requisite criteria for glare control and uniformity for illuminating computer screen workstations.

In the entrance area, Europlex® TC LED was selected due to its timeless design and good quality of light. The surface-mounted LED luminaire features diffuse light distribution with uniform illumination to create a pleasant spatial atmosphere experienced by all customers and clients visiting the car dealership. By extensive upgrading to modern LED luminaires from SITECO, Autohaus Erlenhoff not only gains improved customer presentations but also significant energy and maintenance savings.