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At the new headquarters, Siemens Flow Instruments is completely based on innovative and sustainable lighting solutions from SITECO

Siemens Flow Instruments develops and manufactures high-tech flowmeters, which are used in process control, process optimization and billing applications worldwide. In 2015, the company moved its headquarters to Sønderborg to build a modern test center, production hall and an administrative building on 7600 square meters. All facilities and systems comply with the strict internal Siemens guidelines and meet the highest technological standards. Luminaires and lighting control solutions from SITECO ensure that the lighting as well is perfectly suited to the needs of the global player in every respect.

Complete solution provider: SITECO

Thanks to its comprehensive expertise in all fields of application and a correspondingly large and diversified product portfolio, SITECO is able to offer perfect solutions for all lighting requirements in industrial environments – from one source and, if necessary, individually adapted or tailor-made.

Innovative luminaires with an attractive design

SITECO specified the optimal luminaires and lighting control solutions for the new competence center of Siemens Flow Instruments in Sønderborg in close collaboration with the lighting designers (Sweco Denmark), architects (Arkitema, Aarhus) and installers (Haderslev El-teknik). The SITECO lighting solutions not only meet the highest lighting standards, but also impress with their modern design, which is appealing but discreetly integrated into the surrounding environment.

Productive lighting for all interior areas

Compact Downlight spotlights and Comfit® M grid luminaires installed in the ceiling ensure a bright and pleasant light atmosphere in the offices and conference rooms. The Darklight reflector of the Compact Downlight with symmetric wide light characteristic guides light with very low light spill, providing highly precise and glare-reduced light distribution. The major advantage of the Comfit® M compared to other luminaires is that it also fulfils requisite criteria for illuminating computer screen workstations according to current standards.

Compact Downlight are also used in corridors, lobbies and stairways. Extremely homogeneous and highly reliable lighting with high visual comfort in the production areas is produced by the Modario® rail lighting system, whose modular concept allows flexible and individual configuration.

Design luminaires for car park and facade lighting

DL 20 street luminaires contribute to a particularly attractive light appearance and secure orientation in the outdoor area and on the parking lots. With outstanding design, high-efficiency technology and excellent optics, the DL 20 stands for cost-efficient lighting with maximum visual comfort and a genuine feel-good factor.

SiCOMPACT® A2 MINI offer additional attractive clues for employees and visitors directly on the facade of the building. The luminaires with horizontal light emission aperture have a sophisticated optical system of lenses with optical enclosure that minimizes glare and stray light.

Even higher energy efficiency thanks to intelligent lighting control

Both inside and outside, state-of-the-art technology guarantees a particularly reliable and long-lasting lighting, which is as powerful as it is efficient. Intelligent lighting control based on DALI with movement and daylight detection also allows for an even more energy-efficient lighting that is perfectly matched to the actual needs everywhere and at any time.

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