Need to replace your ripple control system?

Don't worry!

1:1 Ripple control replacement? Easy!

You want to switch and dim your lighting centrally? Or need to replace your existing ripple control system?

We've got you covered - with SITECO Connect!

Get ready for tomorrow - SITECO Connect!

SITECO Connect is your innovative and functional lighting control system for control cabinet installation. For effortless Plug & Play replacement of your old ripple control system. For more monitoring and control options. And thus more options to save engery and keep your costs in control.  

Switch now. Benefit immediately. 

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Why replace? Because it pays off!

  • Dim and switch outdoor lighting automatically
    • depending on ambient brightness, astro-clock, time of day and weekday, accordign to motion detection and depending on traffic volume
  • Use existing or new twilight switch
  • Read energy meters remotely

Control cabinet with 3 relay outputs for connection to contractor or control wire

Other actuators or sensors like twilight, traffic or weather sensors can be integrated with cables or built-in wireless connections.

Remote configuration and control via SITECO Connect; seamless integration into SITECO Connect 11 and 21 networks

  • Remote access via
    • inexpensive cellular SIM card (5-year term in scope of delivery, flexibly expandable)
  • Local mesh network
  • Automatic position detection and radio clock via GPS
  • Antennas or mobile radio, mesh and GPS already installed

Order numbers

Group Control    GroupControl   5EA1ECL01
Remote access extension For each additional 5 years  5EA1ES01
Twilight switch SmartPlug Box  5EA3BH01
  SmartPlug Cellular 5EA3CM000001
Electricity meter SmartMeter 5EA1EM02
Remote commissioning by SITECO     Per unit 5EA0DEA01
  Per device 5EA0DEE01
Training 1.5 hours via video conference  5EA0DES01
  On request on site  



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