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SITECO is nominated for the Norwegian Lighting Design Award 2018 with the project Træna Urban lighting. Træna Urban Lighting is a pilot project that promotes a more conscious use of light and lighting design. The project aims to demonstrate the importance and influence of lighting in the peripheral and rural areas of Northern Norway. Little daylight in winter, untouched nature and northern lights characterise the project location.

Lighting design in the winter months

The focus of the project was on user interaction and local collaboration from conception to implementation to develop a locally based and durable lighting solution. The project contributes both to the promotion and awareness of the use of lighting, lighting design and participation processes as drivers for location development in the outskirts of Norway. The project is attracting great interest from municipalities, the tourism industry and urban developers. 

With the Træna Urban Lighting pilot project, SITECO would like to explore this idea. The project was initiated by project manager Hilde Sofie N. Olaisen and the entire lighting design was created by designer Bulut Büküm. The project was developed in close cooperation with the municipality of Træna to guarantee the targeted use of light and lighting design.