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Mark Henrik Körner became CEO on January 1, 2020 - and with that, the new management team of lighting manufacturer SITECO was complete. Lighting technology designed and engineered in Germany. This is what SITECO stands for, a company based in the Bavarian town of Traunreut.

Highly respected lighting executives come to Traunreut

On January 1, 2020, Mark Henrik Körner complemented the new management team as CEO. During his career, Körner has worked several years for Philips Lighting. Most recently, he was member of the Trilux Management Board and served as Chief Sales Officer.

On October 1, 2019, Klaas Vegter became CTO and COO in Traunreut. The native of the Netherlands worked at Philips Lighting for 30 years and served as CTO in his final position at the company. Also on October 1, 2019, Ralph Hesse assumed the position of CFO. Hesse was most recently a partner at the business consulting firm Stern Stewart, a position in which he was accountable for many projects involving finance, strategy and M&A.

Herbert Willmy-Quensen, the former CEO of SITECO, has withdrawn from active participation in the company’s management, but will continue to serve as an adviser to the company. He played an important role in the spin-off of OSRAM and the sale of SITECO in the summer of 2019. In the process, he laid the foundation for an independent new start for the company.

Sustainability, flexibility and quality of life as the pillars of the product portfolio

“We can no longer look at light in isolation,” CEO Körner said. Today’s world requires connected solutions that are integrated into central management and automation systems. “With individual solutions that extend all the way to the development of special luminaires, we will address the specific needs of our customers in the application areas of municipalities, sport & events, industrial and area lighting, retail and office.” 

“We have drawn up a focused roadmap for products and technologies,” CTO Vegter said. Business partners and customers can expect a fireworks display of innovative products, beginning with the globally unique SIRIUS high-performance floodlight and the revolutionary Licross trunking system.

With its new portfolio, SITECO will primarily focus once again on its project business and address three megatrends: sustainability, flexibility and quality of life.

Presentation of the new SITECO at the l+b in March 2020

Open, standardized interfaces in luminaires facilitate an easy combination with the company’s own light management systems, third-party systems and other trades. Special production processes, high-quality materials and smart technologies, including patented constant lumen output CLO 2.0, produce best-in-class performance in terms of efficiency and extended service life. 

SITECO will present its new brand focus, including its portfolio, at light+building, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting, that will be held on March 8 – 13, 2020, in Frankfurt.